10 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

10 Creative Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate events are an essential component of corporate life. They are also helpful for company publicity and maintaining your presence on business’ marketing and communications channels.

Studies have shown that employees need to feel valued for their continued retention, engagement and satisfaction. With less employee turnover and higher employee engagement leading to increased productivity. After all, happy employees are efficient employees.

To show their employees that they are valued, companies often hold corporate events. Traditionally these events are not only outdated, but also extremely boring. You can hire the best corporate event planning service in the world, but if the event is not fun it’s of no use.

Find below our roundup for 10 creative corporate event ideas, to help your company arrange a fantastic event! And be sure to check out our catering companies for a royal feast for your employees, and selection of photographers to capture the memories forever.

Host an Arts and Cultural Event:

Bringing art and culture to your company is like filling color in a black and white picture. Music concerts, a cover band, a drum circle, live theater, painting with a twist class, art shows, cooking classes or a storytelling session by a master storyteller can all give your employees an experience that delights the senses!

Indulge in Team Building Activities:

Team building activities help spark conversation and build camaraderie for a better working environment. Making your next corporate event a psychic adventure by inviting a tarot card reader or a palmist to offer your employees personal insights. Other activities can include origami making, puzzle solving, or even ice cream tasting.

Get Competitive with Interactive Games:

Interactive games are an excellent way to break the ice with new employees or between different departments and create a light-hearted and fun mood.  Board games are a favorite, but the unconventional scavenger hunts and trivia games are also very well-received.

Get all Dressed up for a Themed Party:

Theme parties don’t have to be for the kids only, the corporate who’s who can also revel in a chance to dress up. You can make the theme as simple as following a color palette, or more involved by having the dress code revolve around a historical era, movie or game characters, or even celebrities. The possibilities are endless.

Make it About Sports:

A day spent playing or watching sports gets everyone pumped up and excited. You can either buy tickets to a cricket match, screen an international sports event, or even host a sports day where the different departments can compete against each other.

Focus on Relaxation and Wellness:

In recent times, there has been an increase in awareness and interest in the importance of mental wellbeing. Organizing an event focusing on mental health is an excellent way to allow your employees to relax, and to show them you care. Arranging Spa days, meditation classes and yoga retreats can all be an ideal means to give your employees a well-deserved break.

Rent a Food Truck:

Companies use catering services all the time, so to break the monotony of eating in your dreary offices hire a food truck. It will be great fun for your employees to get their food from a food truck parked in the parking lot.

Set Up an Outdoor Cinema Experience:

Renting a cinema has been a popular corporate event, but with the current climate setting up an outdoor cinema is not only more practical, it is also more fun. All you have to do is to rent a good quality projector and screen, and voilà, any outdoor venue can turn into a cinema. Just don’t forget the popcorn!

Hire a Comedian:

Stand-up comedy is entertaining for all! Hire a local comedian for a laughter-filled corporate event. To liven things up further, ask your employees to take the podium to share some jokes, or even some faux paus on the job!

Karaoke the Night Away:

Music is a great way to loosen up the crowd, so get your employees grooving by arranging a karaoke night. Choose a variety of music to cater to all tastes, and don’t forget to hire a DJ to party the night away.

And that’s our list! Comment below on which idea is your favorite, or any suggestions of  your own.