4 Winter Events Worth Planning

4 Winter Events Worth Planning

Winter brings joy to rolling stones in Pakistan, especially in cities like Lahore and Karachi, because it’s unlikely that people in these cities enjoy an event in hot and humid weather.

Moreover, you can’t plan out an outdoor event in the scorching heat, especially at noon. That’s why the winter season allows you to throw outdoor events at any time of the day.

In that case, if you are thinking of planning an exceptional event in a chilly season, the event planners in Lahore are at your disposal to help you turn the dark, cold nights into shining stars!

List of Events You Can Plan in Winter

Christmas-themed Party

As Christmas is around the corner, so is the excitement for it. In Pakistan, apart from the Christian community people with different faiths also come together to participate in this event.

That’s because regardless of the religious aspect people are eager to enjoy this festive season. In that case, you can plan your winter event with Christmas themed party!

Event planners in Lahore will fulfil your wish by putting together exciting Christmas-themed event arrangements. However, we have some ideas for you that you can put in your list of planning such as:

  • Christmas tree 
  • Santa clause statue
  • Fake snowman
  • Mistletoe plant 
  • Edible snowcones 
  • Reindeer sculptures

New Year’s Eve

How can we not celebrate the new year? One of the excitement drives in winter is to end the year with a rocking event!
People in Pakistan wait eagerly to end the year with a blasting party with family and friends, especially millennials looking out for a way to share the excitement with friends. In this regard, we have some intriguing options to help you make the moment worth it
  • Ballroom set-up
  • Basement party
  • Decorate your backyard
  • Barbeque next to the pool
  • Decorate a cafe lounge
  • Arrange a live concert

    Bonfire party

    People in Pakistan are keen to have a Qawwali event in winter. That’s because grooving with your friends and family on spiritual music in winters is another level of excitement. Moreover, this type of event goes best with everyone including millennials. That’s why to put this event in your bucket list of planning out events for the winter season. On top of that, as the best event planners in Lahore, we will list down some compelling ideas to help you throw the best Qawwali night of the season such as:


    • Backyard
    • Farmhouse
    • Banquet
    • Roof-top
    • Park
    • Hotel


      • Floor chairs
      • Oversized cushions
      • Colourful carpet
      • The screen on the stage
      • Chandeliers
      • Hookah showpiece

      Bonfire Party

      It’s no winter season without a bonfire event! A bonfire event with your closed ones will put five stars in the winter season. That’s because bonfires are meant to be enjoyed with close family and friends to secure memories.
      However, it depends on you if you want to keep it peaceful and fun for limited people or get together a whole crowd for the party. In both cases, we have the best ideas for you to make your bonfire night memorable!
      Here’s what you can do:
      • Bonfire next to a pool 
      • In a garden
      • Backyard
      • Marshmallows
      • Hot beverage bar
      • Live barbeque
      • Live concert
      • Buffet