5 foods not to serve at your wedding

5 foods not to serve at your wedding

The food you serve at your wedding determines how the event turns out. Other than that, the cost of catering takes up quite some space in your budget decision which is why it should not be taken lightly. Moreover, if you want your wedding to be remembered as nothing short of excellent, the guests must leave with a good attitude towards the food served. 

The wrong food and catering choices at a wedding can cause dissatisfaction no matter how good other arrangements by top event management companies are. So, read this blog if you are looking for food items you should not be serving at your wedding. We have come up with a complete list that would prevent you from making the wrong decision regarding food. 

Food that is prepared Live

There has been an increasing trend at weddings to have live cooking stations. This means raw food such as steaks are cooked right in front of the guests based on demand. This is supposed to serve as a means of entertainment. While this is a relatively newer idea that many people might find fascinating, there are a few problems. To begin with, if too many people ask for it, the caterers will have to work quickly, which might leave room for it to remain uncooked. This, in turn, can sometimes result in food poisoning. If, however, you want to have something like this at your wedding, we recommend hiring an expert who knows exactly what to do and cooks well under pressure. 

Miniature Food

While miniature food might look elegant, more is needed for the guests. For example, bite-sized sandwiches are good for hi-teas and untimely snacking. However, if you serve these at your wedding, no matter how much the guests eat, it will feel inadequate. Event service providers in Pakistan realize that food is an essential aspect of the country's wedding culture, which is why they try not to serve food that will not satisfy guests. Moreover, it will require that a significant quantity of food is prepared to keep up with demand. This can be a problem because making mini versions of food requires individual-level attention, so making all the same types of food taste the same while working on them quickly is nearly impossible. 

Allergy causing Foods

There are a few common allergens that, include peanuts, celery, and sesame. Not serving these at a wedding would be a safe option because you need to know which one of your guests might be allergic to them. Trying to figure out what every guest has an allergic reaction to can take up a lot of your time. If you do not want to take any chances, then avoiding common allergy-causing foods is a good idea. 

Mess causing food

Messy food is the most important thing to remember while deciding which food you should avoid serving at your wedding. This means food that is difficult to eat and gets your hands dirty. Everyone is usually looking their best at weddings, which is why people prefer to eat food that will not require too much maintenance and at the same time will keep them clean. Therefore, you should avoid serving pasta, wings, or burgers at weddings. 

Heavy food

Try to refrain from serving heavy food at your wedding since your reception is supposed to be a place where everyone has fun. This means they need to be able to eat and move around, socialize, and enjoy themselves. It might take away some of their energy if you serve; that weighs them down.

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Since it is your wedding, you will be the one who gets to make the last call regarding the menu. However, making a choice would become easier for you and your event management company if you keep all the factors mentioned in mind.