5 Unique Christmas Presents

5 Unique Christmas Presents

Christmas in Pakistan is celebrated with almost the same enthusiasm as anywhere else. One of the reasons is that Christmas is more seen as a festive holiday than anything religious.

In that case, if you are longing for a Christmas party and deciding on what presents to give your close ones in this holiday season, then party planners in Lahore are at your disposal to provide you with the best options!

In this article, we have put together the top five unique Christmas presents ideas that will make your close ones happiest for sure!

Customized Neon Sign

New trends of lightening your room with neon led lights have been making rounds. People on social media are showcasing the custom neon signs in their homes and events. In this regard, hold on to this trend and plan out a customized neon sign for your closed ones this Christmas.

A Designer Dress

The holiday season means you shop with an open heart for your loved ones and find the best gift to share the moment. In this sense, a designer dress never goes out of trend, and it puts a fancy impression on people if you gift it to someone for a holiday.


Smartwatches are trendy and the best options to gift to your friends and family. To influence people this festive season, you can spend on a smartwatch for your special ones, in addition, you can get it on sale from Apple or Samsung stores before Christmas.

Box of Perfumed Candles

If you want to be creative with your gifts, you can pull off an adorable gift idea with a box of perfumed candles. Scented candles are an inexpensive and cute option to present to your family and friends. You can gather various types of scented candles and pack them in a pretty basket with flowers and body mists, and soaps to gift someone special this holiday season.

Instant Camera with an Album

Who doesn’t like taking pictures? Although the cameras with film rolls have been outdated, the instant camera does not seem to go out of the trend soon. That’s because you get to see instantly printed photographs that you can put in a notebook, journal, or album to secure the memories. In this regard, you can gift an instant camera with an album to your loved ones this Christmas.