5 Ways To Make Your Eid Get Together Better

5 Ways To Make Your Eid Get Together Better

For various Muslim families, Eid, which is celebrated twice a year, has the same schedule: get up, pray, have breakfast, go hang out with family or friends, have uncountable sweets, make delicious food, perhaps have friends or families over, get gifts or Eidi, and sleep to recover from all the sleepless nights from Ramadan.

This year, why not make Eid the exceptional occasion that it is? Here are five ways to make your Eid get-together better where you and your loved ones can escape the same boring schedule with the help of an event planner in Lahore.

Plan Ahead Of Time

An event organizer in Lahore will suggest planning what you need to do on Eid a week prior during the ending days of Ramadan. Create plans while discussing them with the family, including the children.

You can talk about who will make the food and divide the responsibilities so that no one is burdened and if you’re planning to call people over at your home then you should ask about their availability beforehand.

Decorate Your Home

These days, Eid-themed decorations are easily accessible. You can make banners by cutting paper and writing 'Eid Mubarak' on them. Not only this but you can buy balloons and fairy lights to decorate your place more.

Secret Eidia

Some people have Secret Santa; you can have Secret Eidia. Eid is the day when everyone receives a gift or money, regardless of their age. You can arrange this during an iftari where people will put papers with their names in a bowl or jar. Then one by one a person will pick the papers; the person whose name is on the paper will receive the gift or money. However, who got whom will be kept a secret. On Eid day, the presents or money in envelopes with the name of the person receiving the gift will be on them. People can set a price limit that they cannot go above, this will help people stay on a budget.

Candy Buffet

Place a decent decorative spread of food and fill glasses or plates with a combination of many treats and desserts. You can purchase sweets from the shop or let everybody bring and fill the plates with their favorite sweets. This sweet table will light up the room and make the experience of eating sweets more unique.

Record Eid Day Occasions

Video record the Eid day from the time everybody gets up, gets ready, the day-to-day activities till the day's end when everybody is tired and asleep. This may be an entertaining and fun activity that you can look back on again and again. You can give the duty of recording to one of the family's capable and innovatively skilled members.

As we are all aware that this Eid’s get-together should be better considering we could not celebrate it properly for a few years due to the pandemic. Thus these 5 ways will help you make your Eid even more special and fun.