6 Ideas to Rock Your Winter Wedding

6 Ideas to Rock Your Winter Wedding

With the calendars marking the arrival of September, all the couples getting hitched in winter must have taken their wedding planners out and gotten down to work. With 75 percent of all the Pakistani weddings taking place in winter, one is prompted to think what makes this season so fitting for a wedding fiesta. From the romantic ambience to the crisp cool air, there is so much to love about winder weddings. There are many wonderful sides to a winter wedding, and today we will walk you through some great ideas to organize a wedding that makes the most of the winter season. 

Warm and bold hues

One of the things our event planners love about winter weddings is the freedom to play around with different colors. Instead of restricting yourself to pastels or cool shades suitable for summer, you can experiment with your favorite colors to come up with a unique color palette. Warm hues and bold colors [think maroon, and burgundy?] would add another dimension to your decor, especially when paired with lush textures like velvet. 

Cozy aura with candles

Apart from the obvious part about heating, there are other ways you can create a cozy seating space for your guests and make it more inviting. Candles would not only add warmth, but also create a romantic glow. Scattered candles will give the ceremony a very romantic feel without looking super extra. You can also use pillar candles to line your aisle instead of lining it with flowers. Additionally, rich and soft textures- like velvet and chenille pillows or sofa throws- will add to the romantic aura. To take the game one step further, you can get a fire pit or bonfire outside the main seating. 

Statement Florals

Winter Weddings have a tendency to come off as a bit too formal. To keep the vibe intimate and inviting, make sure to include statement florals. For instance, you could place dome-shaped bouquets in towering vases on your reception tables. On a side note, Hydrangeas are our personal favorite.

Gold Accents

As a wedding theme, gold is always in vogue regardless of season and time. Gold accents in decor help to create a luxurious and sophisticated aura for your reception. From pink to burgundy, gold works well with many different colors. No matter the type of decor- reception table numbers, chair decor, or wedding backdrop- gold works perfectly well in everything. 

Season’s special menu

Many aspects of the winter season can be capitalized to make your wedding non-stereotypical. Amongst these are the delicacies that this season has to offer- like Kashmiri ‘Gushtaba’, Fried Fish, and Gajar halwa. So make sure to create your menu keeping this in mind. Moreover, there are multiple elements that can be incorporated into your wedding to make it season-special. For instance, interactive reception stations like a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, which keep your guests warm and happy. 

Winter Wonderland Branches

Who says bare branches aren't beautiful? Nod to the winter landscape with elegant tree centerpieces strung with thematic adornments like tinsel or hanging crystals. Apart from artificial tree settings, you can utilize a natural landscape by stringing LED lights around branches to add a wintery twinkle to nature. 

There is good reason to feel overwhelmed because winter weddings demand extensive pre-planning and a lot of additional arrangements. Winter season has the tendency to not just be chilly and cold, but also rainy. We suggest you to meticulously research on the weather. It is not wise to follow weather forecasts alone, you should make additional arrangements in case the weather decides to take an unexpected turn and have a plan B for all the things that can potentially go wrong. But we have you covered! We have a great crew of event organizers on board, who can not only make your weddings visually spectacular but also create a plan for these additional concerns so that you enjoy your big day unbothered. Click here to learn more about how we can help.