How to get a bridal dress made under 150k

How to get a bridal dress made under 150k

Bridal dress holds a lot of sentimental value for any human being. It is normally pre-decided for over a decade. There’s a specific look everyone wants to achieve, a certain color they want to pull off, certain details, certain length of the shirt, certain style. So, although many event companies and wedding planners offer to assist you with your bridal dress, they end up charging a commission or end up charging a high price. If you’re from Lahore, here’s a few places you can visit and a few factors you can consider decrease your expenses. 

  1. Liberty Market

Liberty market is the main hub for shopping: jewelry, clothes, shoes, and make-up. Many small-scale vendors are located in the streets of Liberty market. Bargaining is your best friend. The more you bargain, the better deal you get. Visit multiple shop keepers and get an essence of what the market is charging. This will give you a better idea as to what to expect and what is the lowest price that you can get. 

  1. Place your order way ahead of time

A wise tip to save money when it comes to getting your dress made is to place your order during the “off-season”. This is during summers, when nobody wants to get married in the heat. Event management companies in Lahore charge significantly less during this time as well. This is because wedding planners want to break-even at this point. They just want to cover their fixed costs. On the contrary, placing an order for your bridal dress towards the end of time or during the “shadi season” will mean that the vendor will charge a profit margin as well. Thus, increasing your expenses and making it less affordable. 

  1. Anarkali is your best friend

Anarkali is probably one of the oldest markets in the country. Many boutiques, Babar boutique being the most famous, have been there for decades. They have crafted and made many bridal dresses. The experience they have in this field is matchless. So, if your priority is to get your bridal dress made from someone who is experienced, then visiting anarkali will be a good idea. 

  1. Your local tailor

Many brides want personal attention. They have multiple questions about the final look of the brial dress and they want to know every detail of the process. This is a main reason as to why they hire designers in the first place. The personal attention to your bridal dress is something that no event management companies in Lahoreor wedding plannercan give you.

  1. Getting the cloth yourself

Try to get the raw materials yourself so you can cut down the middle-man and save up the commission.

Whatever you end up choosing just remember that you’ll look beautiful with our without that HSY of Elàn jora, there are other aspects that are more important in a wedding. These aspects can’t be measured in monetary terms or by anything that is tangible.