Weddings: A blessing or a curse

Weddings: A blessing or a curse

In Pakistan, weddings mean festivity. Wedding is a symbol of not just two people getting married but involves two families being together for a lifetime. Togetherness and unity are the foundation of our family system. Happiness or sadness everyone comes together to be there for each other. This is something that no wedding planner or event management company in Lahore or anywhere in the world can provide. Extended families can prove to be both: a blessing or a curse. 

Delegating tasks:

Every chacha, taya, mamu, khaloo has connections in this vast industry. Someone will have a good experience with a vendor and will do their absolute best to get them on board. Wedding tasks are divided among relatives which makes it less of a hassle and more fun. In this case, extended families are nothing short of a blessing.

Being there for each other:

Weddings require finance and mental energy as well. It is hard for people to collect a huge sum of money on their own. Financing your wedding from external sources requires paperwork. It is time-consuming. On top of it, one has to pay interest which adds to the overheads. Most people are hesitant to opt for it because of religious reasons. Hence, getting financial help from relatives for the time being saves one from a lot of hassle. In addition to this, the mental energy is divided which brings families together. This again proves that extended families are a blessing.

Knit picking:

There are all sorts of people in this world: good and bad. Extended families sometimes can be on the other end of the spectrum as well. Some members in the families add to the worries. What is in the menu, where did you get your jewelry from, where is the dress from, where is the makeup from, what gifts are being exchanged, what did the sister-in-law get for doodh pilaayi, what did the mother-in-law give to the bride and vice versa. Basically, knit picking in everything. This is where one thinks of relying on a wedding planner or on an event management company because all these questions can be avoided.

Pakistan has a very strong family value system. This is what distinguishes us from other cultures. One must try to block out the negative vibes. Any member of the extended family adds to the stress or is being a pain, just avoid them. Focus on the positives. Concentrate your energies on the good that they bring to the table. At the end of the day, they are family and no wedding planner or event management company can replace them.