Bridal Shower Games

Bridal Shower Games

Since Bridal Shower is a relatively new concept in Pakistan, one of the very first thoughts that may come in anyone’s mind is exactly what it doesn’t mean! Yes, you read it right. A Bridal Shower is essentially held a few weeks before the wedding and is among the most awaited events for a bride and her friends. What makes it so special? Well, it has very fun, energetic, and often quite crazy games! These allow the bride’s friends to get to know each other just before the wedding.

In case if you’re wondering what, they can be, let’s just go through some of the Bridal Shower games.

The not so musical Chair

Certainly, the originals haven’t yet gotten old. However, you always have the option to introduce a beautiful twist to it. What you can do is that let everyone settle on their chairs in a circle, hand a bouquet to one of the guest who is sitting and get the music on. When the music starts, everyone starts passing on the bouquet to the next person. Music stops, whoever has the bouquet gets eliminated. The last woman wins. Isn’t that fun?

Guess the name

Another great game for Bridal Showers can be guessing a certain guest’s name. What you have to do is to provide every guest with a pen and paper. Then ask them to write one of their favorite memories with the bride but not mention any names nor inform the bride of what they write. Once everyone is done with writing, these papers are mixed, one person comes on the stage and reads all the papers loudly. The Bride now has to guess who this person is among the guests which is based on that specific memory read out to her. If the bride guesses, she wins. If not, the guest wins!

How old was she

Reach out to the Bride’s parents and ask them for pictures of the bride in different ages. Next, let everyone settle with their food and drinks and then display these pictures on a board. Make them guess the bride’s age in different pictures. Whoever guesses the greatest number of ages right, wins too. You can always add positions in this game in order to cater to more people!

Romantic songs

To some, this might come off as too much brain usage, but you got to do what makes it fun. Hand over small papers with a pen to everyone after they’ve settled. You can play the classics, songs of the 20th century or even very low-key love songs. However, these only have to be snippets from them which can be just some seconds long. Now get the guests to write the name of the song or the artist on the pieces of paper they have. Whoever guesses the maximum amount of songs/artists, wins. Going to really test some memory!


Of course, how can we miss out on this classic! However, the difference is that it should only be wedding related. If you don’t know what it is, don’t worry. Make two teams and let one team write any wedding related terms on paper. Next, one of the other team member now has to draw what the word meant and get the team mates to guess it! Happens with the other team too and the team which guesses the most, wins!

Now that you’ve some idea of what and how a bridal shower may look like, implement these ideas, re-invent some with the bridal shower you’re hosting and really throw one of the best bridal showers in Pakistan!