Do's And Don’ts For A Summer Wedding

Do's And Don’ts For A Summer Wedding

People generally have two views about summer weddings. The first one is that they are fun and bright as flowers, and summer colors add to the allure of the wedding. 
Or on the other side, they think about the heat, sun, and bugs. These are the things that no one wants to encounter.
Thus, it is very important for the businesses providing wedding planning services to keep these important things in their mind. So, we have listed down the dos and don’ts of a summer wedding that are going to help you get prepared for this wedding season!

The Do’s

Serving Light Food

Whether your summer wedding is indoors with the AC on full blast or outdoors, the food you have selected for your big day should be light and tasteful. You can serve food such as live halwa puri, live choley bhatorey, slised fruits, cold drinks, or kufi as a dessert to help people stay cool and calm and enjoy the wedding.


Providing a shelter will not be a problem if you have your wedding indoors as you would have access to all the facilities. However, if you are planning an outdoor wedding venue or open-air wedding venue, then you should be ready to provide some protection to your guests! The guests would love having portable moving fans or ACs, a shade of some sort, or even cold-water bottles to help them stay cool and hydrated!
You can also go to the farmhouse for your wedding as it will provide you with all the facilities you want. Be it electrical or building wise.

Send Invitations Early

As you know that a lot of families and individuals choose summers for their vocations. So, if you want certain people to be a part of your wedding, then you should send them the invitations early so that they can make their plans for the wedding.

Wear Light Clothes

You do know how hot it gets right? So, you should wear clothes that are light-colored and have breathable material like cotton or lawn. Try to wear top clothing brands because they pay a lot of attention to the fabric according to the season. They have wedding collections in light fabrics as well. Or you can also check out designer clothing brands and get inspiration from them about what is in the trend and get it locally stitched.
Trust us, you will feel better if you do!

The Don’ts

Avoid Sun Peak Hours

Wedding Planners in Lahore always suggest that couples should not have their wedding event during the peak heat hours, which are usually from 10 am to 4 pm. You can start your wedding from 4 pm onwards while keeping in mind to provide fans or some sort of cool air to your guests. You can also get good pictures as the sun will be setting and the golden hour will be starting during this time!

Don’t Forget Your Sunblock or Bug Repellent

Please do not forget to use sunblock as it is going to help you stay safe from the sun's rays. Moreover, use bug repellents that will help you stay safe from bugs! The couple could provide the guests with these things or they can talk to the guests beforehand to prepare them.
These are a few dos and don’ts that you should know about before planning your summer wedding. Your wedding is a special time for you and your guests, which is why you should keep certain things in your mind to help yourself and your guests to have a smooth and good time at your wedding where everyone will enjoy and have fun to their fullest.