Do’s And Dont’s Of Throwing A Farmhouse Wedding

Do’s And Dont’s Of Throwing A Farmhouse Wedding

Farmhouse events sound like a memorable getaway adventure, but when planning a wedding at one, make sure you manage to see the red flags mentioned in this article beforehand.

That’s because, as wedding planners in Lahore, we know how things can go down the pitfall with wedding planning with one wrong move. And you need to be even more careful when planning it in the middle of nowhere like a farmhouse.

Also, we won’t only show you the red flags but tricks that you can use to brush the mess under the rug to avoid last moment mishaps at your wedding.


Check the Weather Forecast

Planning a farmhouse wedding is all good but includes the risk of unpredictable weather. That’s because when you are in the middle of nowhere, the weather can become your enemy. So if you are planning a wedding at one, you should be more concerned. That’s why you should check the weather condition of that area and then plan the event accordingly. Or you can keep an indoor arrangement at the same farmhouse.

Prepare a Guest List

Wedding functions are not ordinary and can go without inviting essential people. However, when you are planning your wedding at a farmhouse, you should consider a guest list not to overcrowd the place with unnecessary people. Ideally, a farmhouse wedding should only consist of 50-100 guests. The event should be classy and with closed ones.

Arrange a Conveyance  for Guest

Farmhouses in Pakistan are not around the corner; they are near the countryside and mainly at the highways or motorways. That’s why if you are on the lookout to plan your wedding at one, then make sure that you arrange a conveyance for your guest beforehand since it is doubtful that guests will reach the isolated areas on their own without GPS.

Make Sure You Have Enough Room for Everyone to Settle In

Another thing to keep in mind before making the guest list is that check the venue yourself to see if the place can facilitate the number of guests you have in mind. For example, if it rains, will the guest settle indoors comfortably or not. You should take both indoor and outdoor ideas and plan accordingly.

Arrange an In-House Catering Service

Planning a wedding in an isolated area will need you to schedule a catering service that will bring the whole arrangement to your place to cook fresh and warm food for your guest at the venue. That’s because you cannot rely on the option of taking the ready-made food along and serving it to the guest. Moreover, you can experience food shortage or the unavailability of kitchen and utensils to help you cover.


Don’t Keep Too Faraway

Although farmhouses are not around the corner, you still might have an option to approach the closest ones. That’s because various uncertainties can happen that will simply ruin your day. So, if you are getting any farmhouse close by to the city junction, then it's best for you.

Don’t Forget to Lighten It Up

Arrange an excellent lighting system so that the people coming in can know how big of an arrangement it is.

Don’t Forget to Have a Generator Facility

If you want to light up the venue in the deserted area, make sure you have plan B in case of the power shutdown.