Eid-ul-Adha 2022 - 7 ideas to make this Bakra Eid a memorable one

Eid-ul-Adha 2022 - 7 ideas to make this Bakra Eid a memorable one

Both Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha are the most celebrated festivals in Islam. On both, the Eids Muslims gather in open spaces, mostly at mosques, and pray for their well-being and progress.

Eid-ul-Adha also known as the “Festive of Sacrifice” is celebrated in the month of Dhuʻl-Hijjah. Usually, the Eid day starts with rising early, followed by performing prayers and eating sweets and pastries, conducting sheep sacrifice rituals, eating special Eid meals, and visiting friends and family.

To help you welcome this blessed day, we have put together a list of a few fun activities to do this Eid -ul-Adha. You can not only take the help of the list that we would be discussing but also the help of Party Organizers in Lahore and Party Planners in Lahore. We hope this list of suggested Eid activities and a Party Planner and Organizer in Lahore will help you and your family to make the most of this joyful day.

Have a Henna Gathering on Chand Raat

Chaand Raat is a night that is more anticipated by everyone than Eid day itself.  On Chaand Raat, what you can do is plan a henna painting gathering. Have a fun night before the actual day with all the music, stalls of bangles, desi snacks, and the application of Henna. It would be advisable that you ask your loved ones to join you at this gathering by asking them a week prior so that they could make their plans accordingly.

Make Eid-themed Crafts

Tap into your innovative and creative side with the entire family. With Eid-themed crafts and props, you can utilize the family's special art abilities to brighten the house and decorate it for the big day. While doing this in particular you would also be able to get to know each other more.

One Dish Party

Since Eid is a festival so Muslims plan to elaborate meals for Eid. Feasts are organized in every Muslim household and dishes like pulao, saalan, biryani, haleem, nihari, kebabs, kofte, and much more are prepared. The stars of the show of this day are the desserts, like classic seviyan, sheer khurma, shahi tukdey, and phirni.

So instead of putting the whole burden on one person or a family, you can plan a one-dish party where everyone can bring one dish from their home. Like this, the burden is also divided and everyone gets to eat different dishes

Take The Festivities Outdoor

You can plan a day full of some fun outdoor activities and book a farmhouse. Because sometimes not only the children but elders also need to get out of their cocoon and enjoy themselves to the fullest. You can have a jumping castle for children and water and pool games for parents and other family members to beat the heat. At the end of the day, you and your loved ones can have a bar-b-q dinner with everyone involved in the making of it.

You can also take the help of catering services in Lahore and catering companies to arrange the food and the whole setup for you.

Plan a Game Night

Get the entire family and make their groups for an Eid Game night. This would be a great method for testing the family's ability to work together and the winning team or a person can get Eid gifts at the end.

Game night can include different card games like Poker, UNO, Bingo, etc.

Make Cards or Desserts For a Shelter Home or Orphanage

Muslims are known for their love for sharing which is what you can do this Eid. You can also take the help of your loved ones in this! What you can do is bake and cook desserts or a proper meal and have the little children make cards. You can send these to an orphanage center where the people, regardless of their religion or cast will be happy to receive these. You can also distribute the sacrificed meat in these orphanage centers because this Eid specifically is all about feeding the needy people.

Record The Eid Day Actives

We all take weddings and birthdays very seriously and try to record all moments, so why not record Eids as well. From the time everyone wakes up in the morning till everyone conks out happily at the end of the day, record this Eid in the form of videos or pictures to make it memorable. It will probably make a hilarious piece of family history as well.