Engagement Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

Engagement Party Themes That Will Wow Your Guests

When you get hitched, partying should never be ignored! Our wedding planners have made the perfect ideas list which surely will end up wowing your guests. These ideas are not just unique but also very artsy and perfect in order to really honor your relationship. (Just by the way, the themes below look crazy good on Instagram). They not only have backyard gathering ideas but also some food-based ideas which no one would have witnessed before. Go through them and be ready to plan the best engagement party!

Garden Fiesta

It's not binding on any couple to rent banquets full of glamour for a well-awaited engagement party. You can have a real warmth-filled party right in the personal garden. Decorate tables with 2-3 colored flower blooms and plants. This will give your engagement party a very fresh and romantic look.

French-themed party

Who doesn't love a french engagement theme which makes it more romantic? Have a food menu which includes french treats such as baguettes and cheese!


BBQ Bash Engagement parties surely ask for a BBQ party. Regardless of your own garden or a rented place, host a gathering which has romantic fairy lights banded together by strings along with some BBQ. You also have the option to include a bonfire in this idea too, trust us, it'll only add to the vibe of the party! Besides, you can always include the old-school garden games along with singing competitions and great conversations.

Tropical Dream

Your engagement party which has lots of flowers and lush greenery surely wouldn't be a bad choice. In fact, it'll be quite romantic! If you really miss a tropical destination, you can even plan a Hawaiian-themed luau with lots of pina Coladas, coconut carvings, and other Hawaiian cuisines.

Casino party

You can always give your party a Vegas-style casino vibe with everyone wearing dark-colored suits such as black and red. The invitation cards should also be designed on a similar color scheme with motifs giving off a casino vibe. Surely, your guests will love the theme!

Movie-themed party

You can also choose to keep the theme as per your favorite movie. One example of such can be implementing a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" theme in which you keep a white and blue combination of colors and serve people with classics of brunch such as pastries, eggs and pancakes. What an interesting wow brunch it will be!

The Nacho Day

 Since many of us absolutely love Nachos as much as a couple may love each other, a nacho-filled engagement party will probably be one of the happiest memories for them. Thus, develop a list with dishes around nachos such as chips, quesadillas, and guac. Apart from this, you can also create a drinks section with multiple options specific to the engagement party. However, this doesn't end here. Your party shall also include an endless snacking stream of tacos also known as, a taco corner.

These themes are definitely off the beat and have the capability to make your celebration dearly memorable for everyone. Despite these ideas being unconventional, our team of event organizers is guaranteed to pull off the event smoothly. We’re a new event management company in town, but our event planners have been in the business long enough. They know how to make your event stand out by paying attention to the smallest of details. Click here to learn more about how we can help.