Converting the Event Planning Experience Online

Converting the Event Planning Experience Online

The world keeps evolving and with every evolution, a change becomes inevitable. Such is the case with event planning companies. Today, with the majority of businesses shifting online not just due to COVID-19 but also to reduce costs, increasingly creative online ideas are becoming a reality. You want to get married, engaged or have a corporate event and want to save costs? Or maybe, you just want to maintain distances through an online event? Worry not! Here are all the pointers you need to have to convert your event online.

Knowing your audience

To plan a successful event online, knowing your audience in terms of their needs and expectations is very important. In explanation, you need to know in what kind of setting will they be most interested in and what will appeal to them the most. You surely cannot plan an online marriage with just an online call. You need to make it engaging and for that, what your audience expects is very important. Besides, knowing them also includes possible challenges they might face when joining your event such as connectivity issues.

Streaming platform

One of the most important aspects of an online event, let it be a marriage, engagement, or corporate event, is the streaming platform. You have to choose the one that is most compatible with the needs of the event. If the event requires keeping it basic, it needs to be accessible to everyone. A paid streaming platform will surely be the biggest barrier. Besides, if the event requires a lot of engagement, streaming tools of question answers, polls, screen sharing and similar likes is a must. Some platforms provide these tools free, but some do not. Choose the platform wisely. Oh, and how can we forget, run a demo of the platform a few days before the event in order to make sure things go well!

Date and time

We hate to break it to you but since it is a virtual event, you cannot uninvite people outside your country. Ah, the nosy relatives, the buzz killers and the corporate guy who speaks for hours? Yes, they cannot be ignored. Thus, you got to set a time and date which is suitable and agreed upon by everyone in order to increase accessibility and attendance, if that is, what you require. However, if you are planning something very engaging, do not forget to consider that with a greater number of people, engagement may not be very effective.

Who gets to come?

We know you are very concerned that any random person with the link can come because it is virtual? Oh, do not worry. The streaming platforms always have an option of a waiting area and the power to choose who to let in from that waiting area. What you need is to ask your guests to join with their names so you can identify who to let in. You also enable the password feature to join the virtual event to make it more guarded from strangers.

You must be wondering this is a lot of new and unknown kind of work to plan an online event. You may be right but isn’t the right kind of fun in new experiences! These tips will greatly help you successfully convert the event planning experience online. Just do not forget that you have to make it fun and engaging through the online tools available on streaming platforms and you will be good to go. It is a definitely yay from us!