Everything You Need To Host A Sports Day For Family And Friends

Everything You Need To Host A Sports Day For Family And Friends

With dreary winter days behind us, why not welcome spring by hosting a sports day for friends and family. Spending a day playing games and engaging in sports will not only provide a refreshing change from being cooped up indoors (either on account of the cold or the numerous lockdowns), but also allow for everyone (young and old) to get in on the fun together.

So, gather your family and friends to enjoy a day of sun, play, happiness, and a healthy dose of competition for everyone!

Here are some ideas for hosting an entertaining and enjoyable sports event for your family and friends:

Choose Your Venue

Sporting activities need an outdoor space for maximum fun. You can choose your own backyard, a local park, or book an outdoor venue in Pakistan. Farmhouses are of course the most ideal choice and finding one with a swimming pool would be all the better for splashing around after the games.

Plan The Activities

The star of the show! Depending on the size of your outdoor space, as well as the amenities available, you can pick and choose from the list below for a day of endless fun:

  • Egg and spoons race only requires eggs, spoons and a merrymaking attitude.
  • Under and over, with one passing the ball between the legs and the other passing it over the head, this game will definitely result in fits of laughter. Caution: it can be too entertaining to watch your grandpa or dad struggle to remember to pass the ball between the legs or over the head!
  • Get out those hula hoops and put on some music for some jovial twists!! Whoever hoops up the longest wins!
  • Empty the sacks in your storehouse and organize a sack race for the jumps and the falls.
  • Grab your partner’s feet and have them race on their hands to the finish line in the wheelbarrow race. What can be more fun than seeing friends and family stumbling across the ground. 
  • Setting out a number of activities (5-10 will do) can result in the ultimate obstacle course, with the difficulty level up to you to arrange depending on who is playing. A fun team activity for all!

Make Time For The Prizes

No sports day is complete without the prizes! Be it shiny medals, or small tokens, a prize distribution ceremony is a nice way to round off the day. 

Lastly, make sure to have some music. Whether you choose to blast some tunes on Spotify or hire a DJ, the right music will set the tone for the whole event. And who knows, the sports day might just turn into a night of dancing and partying away.