How to Throw a Chic Garden Bridal Shower

How to Throw a Chic Garden Bridal Shower

Garden lunches and soirees are all the rage these days, and their popularity has only surged in recent times as intimate gatherings became the thing in the face of a global pandemic. Our team of wedding planners believes that they also make the perfect match for a bridal luncheon or a stylish soiree. Set against the warmth of the setting winter sun, in a lush green setting. Given the vibe these gatherings possess, they are surely becoming a movement unique in their own way. This feature discusses the most vital elements of an outdoor bridal shower in order for you to plan one of the greatest garden bridal showers in town!

Envelope wrapped with style

The envelopes of your invitation can be dressed beautifully with any wax seal. It's simple, it's effective and it looks good! Besides, on your invitation, a playful motif is one of the best ways to inform your guests of the theme. However, be very careful of time constraints when you send out invitations as many guests may have to travel. Preferably, invitation six weeks prior to the event works great. P.S. Our event organizers can arrange beautiful invitations for you that not only complement your theme, but also stand out in the eyes of your guests.

The Romantic embrace

Regardless if your event is in your own garden or on a farmhouse, decorate the table with different colored glasses and random settings. Remember, the key is always to carefully construct a layout of artful disarray without making it look like you have carefully constructed a layout of artful disarray. To make things look more interesting, use foliage and dahlias side to side. You can also use boxes made of wood, unlike the usual vases. This gives a very fresh out of the woods look with blooms giving a very romantic touch.  

Customized plates

A customized plate including some berries, some fruits, and single-serving lemon cakes will definitely make a perfect match with different types of tea. Single customized portions also tend to be a very kind gesture subtly appreciating every guest's presence. However, it is very important to consider what fruits are available in the season to always have the freshest treats!

Outdoor Furniture

Ditch the traditional catering chairs and tables and go extra as your bridal shower deserves a new look with the comforting and chic furniture in the garden. Rent furniture which is not only lavish but also gives a warm vibe for your lounge area, where your girls and you can chill for hours till late at night. To make it even better, arrange a fire pit or infra-red heating to keep yourselves warm.

Big Barbeque

For brides and bridesmaids who are complete foodies, it is one of the best ideas to let them fulfill their craving on account of an amazing bridal shower. After all, your bridal shower should really reflect the unique friendship you share. Our event planners adore the idea of a BBQ party at your outdoor bridal shower. It's surely one of the most enjoyable delicious ideas!

Yard Games

As Pakistanis, we’re attuned to give heed to the demands of our guests to keep them entertained. As a consequence, while the couples of today love to come up with new entertaining ideas, the old-school garden games never go old. So take this opportunity to customize your very own bridal shower with games that bring back nostalgia and also test your knowledge of each others’ lives.

Now that you are filled in with some great ideas about a bridal shower or soiree, perhaps you have come up with a few ideas of your own to have a personalized event. We realize how important this event is for you and that is why we are here to help. Contact us now to discuss your ideas and we will execute your event completely on the blueprint of your vision