Halloween Party to Remember

Halloween Party to Remember

Finally, the spooky month is here, and so is the excitement for Halloween, but the question is: are there any Halloween party planners in Pakistan? Well, YES! Party planners in Lahore are just one call away to plan a memorable party for you. But more of that later.

Although Halloween culture is not widely practised in Pakistan, let’s be real: we all want a Halloween party with an exciting theme. So, here’s everything that you need to know before you throw a Halloween party that is remembered for years by your loved ones.

So, shall we begin with the list of prep?

Things To Have in a Halloween Party

The list of things below will help you throw the best ever Halloween party:

Trick or Treat?

In the west, trick or treat is a way for children to go door-to-door to ask for candies. Here, you can work by including this type of game in your Halloween party. Not only is it likely to be amusing for kids, but it can also lead to the grown-ups having some fun.

All you need for your little trick-or-treat project are some treats, and you’re good to go.

Halloween Themed Edibles

Having a Halloween-themed party is something unusual in Pakistan. So to make it more exciting and intriguing, you should have some Halloween themed edibles. We would suggest something like the following:

  • Pumpkin Cupcakes
  • Black Spooky Fondant Cake
  • Skull Shaped cookies
  • Face Shaped Sandwiches
  • Bolognese Nachos
  • Red Fruit Punch 
  • Pumpkin to Carve

These edibles on your table will have a fantastic impression on guests because you are not just throwing a party on Halloween, but you are inspired by the theme and making the most of it. Party planners in Lahore will provide you with the best catering service according to your preferred theme to make it more convenient.


Having a Halloween-themed party means having an exciting setup. One way to have a memorable Halloween party is through having Halloween-inspired decor.

The theme arrangements will need various props and decoration pieces to make the venue look appealing and exciting. So here’s what you can do:

  • Spooky props; skeleton, spider net, pumpkin, etc
  • Black coloured curtains
  • Red and white flooring
  • Red LED lights
  • Wooden table 
  • Spooky table cloth
  • Wooden utensils

This kind of over-the-top preparation for your Halloween-inspired party will make it a party to remember! So don’t go after the same boring set up instead, be more creative. In this regard, party planners in Lahore will help you out by arranging this kind of setup.

Halloween-Inspired Costumes

What’s a Halloween party without costumes? The costumes serve as a great way to do justice to the decor and arrangements. You can choose to arrange costumes for your guests or suggest them. Moreover, you can also have a single spooky theme-for example of Adam’s Family or The House of Transylvania. This way, you can instruct your guests to wear something that matches your themes or get simple black gowns made for your guests.

Face Painting

What else can you do not to bore your guest? Face painting! Having a face painting session at your Halloween party will keep the amusement for kids and adults. This can also help you if any of your guests’ costumes are not matching with your theme.