Hometown Wedding- The New Destination Wedding?

Hometown Wedding- The New Destination Wedding?

Weddings can be very tricky. Especially when your family is hell-bent to have all your relatives and family friends attend for reasons very much not understandable to you or you may want them to come wholeheartedly. But then you have always wanted a destination wedding too and honestly, that is quite a dilemma. Worry not, for we can help you with that. For that, we have a solution! Why not bring the destination home?

Plan It Like A Tourist

How many times have you gone on a weekend to visit your own hometown’s tourist places? None. That is the beauty of it. You can choose to have your wedding planned over days which includes trips and adventures into all the places you may never have visited like a tourist. Not just that, if your hometown includes scenic views, you can choose to have your wedding set up in a remote yet scenic area. This would serve to be an additional motivation for your guests outside the hometown to visit too!

A Longer Wedding

Longer weddings tend to be the real fun. You can choose to spread your wedding into several events and several days. As discussed before, these may include trips and adventures. Some other in-house options can be having game days, pool parties, bridesmaid luncheon, a Sunday breakfast or even a welcome party. There is so much to do, get your guests to stay longer!

Introduce A Special Menu

Everyone loves an unconventional menu. Of course, who would not want to run away from the everyday food for a while! To make your guests happy and interested, consider giving them a real cultural taste of your hometown. Choose the best of dishes that are mostly limited to your hometown and get the wedding planner to make them. However, also introduce the menu with a traditional or signature drink. End the menu by topping it off with street food, they are a rare specialty.

Use Your Home Gardens

If you have gardens and a lawn in your house, why not use them. You can have a very cozy set up for a certain event in your garden and you can do a BBQ in it! You can top this light and cool breezed garden event with a musical sensation by sitting around the fire and singing your favorite songs to it. Besides, allow your wedding planner to use any herbs or vegetables that your garden grows. Handpicked ones give a very bright flavor.

Decor Like Abroad

When we say bring the destination home, we mean it. Whatever destination you wanted to have your wedding at, just decorate your wedding events or some of them, in the same theme. You can do so by having sofas, cushions, and tables as per the colours of the “destination”. Consider Italy. You can use Italian touches on tables, chairs, and florals. If done the right way, will surely feel like Italy!

Hometown weddings can surely be one of the most memorable ones. It all depends on how much you are able to do with your creativity!