Hosting An Iftar Party On A Budget

Hosting An Iftar Party On A Budget

Ramadan not only makes you feel close to your spiritual side but also makes all the Muslims around the world that wait for this special month be more giving and humble. On this special month, you will find neighbors sending platters loaded with iftari around the time when the fasting is meant to be broken. Having an iftar get-together and welcoming your loved ones over - every one of these makes Ramadan unique.

However, not everyone can spend a heavy amount of money on an extravagant iftar. With the help of party organizers in Pakistan, you can host an iftar get-together on a tight spending plan, and here’s how you can do that.


Before you start with anything, you should see the seating limit that you have. You should see to the fact that if you can only accommodate a certain number of people at your place then you should not get carried away by calling a lot of people. Make more space by moving the couches or tables so that people can sit more easily. You can get a bean bag chair or get more seats while keeping a table in the middle, where you serve the iftari. This will not only give your place more space but also everyone will have a place to sit where they can easily eat their iftar.


Lighting will play a critical part in setting up the right tone for your iftar party. You can now have fairy lights which are easily available in every market, you can set them in the room where the iftar is taking place by placing them on the draperies.


Don't overthink your menu. Keep it basic! Arrange those dishes that you can afford and do not overdo them. For iftar, you can make what is typically eaten during Ramadan which is pakoras and samosas, along with dates and fruit chaat. Party planners in Lahore know how much Lahoris love food so you can make it look extravagant by making a different pakora platter as there are varieties of pakoras. Rather than serving fruit chaat, you can have a fruit bar where two to four fruits could be freshly cut and set separately where people can pick and choose. After a heavenly iftar, this is the ideal opportunity to serve dinner. You can save cash, by making the dinner yourself rather than ordering from outside as not many people eat that much after a heavy iftar.

Goodie Bags

You can make small budget-friendly goodie bags in which you can bake brownies and little notes that are nicely wrapped and give them to your guests. Doing this will create a good impression of you with your guests.

Hosting an Iftar party on a budget, you shouldn't waste your time, cash, and effort in planning dishes alone as Ramadan is about coming together and being humble. With the help of these tips, you can not only save cash but plan your iftar in such a way that your guests will be impressed.


Yusra Mohsin

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