How difficult it is to plan a wedding

How difficult it is to plan a wedding

Wedding is a union, a celebration, a major transition, a happy day, a day that impacts our lives in every possible way for the rest of our lives. It is probably the most important decision one has to take. Unfortunately, in today’s day and age, with event organizers and wedding planners on the rise and everyone wanting to get married in the most extravagant way possible has made marriage difficult. Let’s explore that in detail. 


Nothing in this world is free and so aren't marriages. From the venue, to the decor, to catering, to invitations all needs money. Many event management companies in Lahore charge a hefty amount for all these events. Majority of our population save up their entire lives savings to have their children get married. This is not it. Unfortunately, other than this the patriarchal society we live in places a lot of burden on the bride’s side. Dowry is nothing short of a challenge for most people. People can make a fortune out of the money that they have instead saved for their daughters’ wedding. It is unfortunate but reflects the ugly face of our society. 


Planning for every event is crucial. Weddings require careful planning which needs a lot of time. Event management companies in Lahore expect you to book them three months prior to the event. This time limit is increased especially during the ‘shadi season’ which is form October-February. In order to make sure everything goes according to plan, one has to put in time.


Effort comes as a by-product of time. Not everything will be done by a wedding planner or an event organizer. At the end of the day. It is your marriage (or someone close to you) and you have to take ownership. Not everything is served on a plate. Countless trips to the venue, or to the designer to final that wedding day look for you, or to the makeup artist to make you look nothing short of a queen on your big day has to be done. However, you almost always have tasks to complete before the wedding actually takes place. Hence, weddings do require a lot of effort. 

Societal expectations

Another factor that contributes to making it hard to plan weddings are societal expectations. Instead of celebrating the union people are more interested in material possessions. People judge the financial status of both the parties instead of blessing the new couple with prayers and love. 

Regardless of the hurdles and hindrances, we at eventscape, wish to see a day marriage is more than the decor and venue. It is actually about celebrating two people in love wanting to spend the rest of their lives together.