How To Make Your Mehndi Event Memorable?

How To Make Your Mehndi Event Memorable?

For most weddings, mehndi and dances are an integral part of the wedding. Most wedding planners and event management companies in Lahore provide us with choreographers. However, for those of you who do not want to hire one due to budget constraints or simply because it is a personal preference. This is a guide for you. We will talk about what happens in the event and how can you make it the best one yet!

Pick songs for mehndi

Your songs will vary greatly if you are representing team bride or team groom. After that is determined, personal preference plays a huge role in the song selection. Be it late 90s and early 2000s old Bollywood songs or be it recent upbeat ones. Kishore Kumar or Badshah. Udit or Honey Singh. There is no wrong when it comes to which songs you want to dance on. Make your playlist and bring your best moves!

Color-coordinate your mehndi outfits

All the girls can color-coordinate and the boys can color-coordinate from both sides. It gives the event a vibrant look and a theme which really adds to the vibe of the whole event. A huge advantage of this is that pictures come out really bright and is pleasing to the eye because of various colors that are worn. The unity and being together is highlighted which is the essence of our Pakistani weddings.

Get those mehndi thaals ready

Most event planners and event management companies in Lahore will do this for you. However, if you are doing it all on your own, visit liberty market and Anarkali. Bargaining is your best friend. Do not pay more than the worth. Vibrant, colorful, beautiful thaals are a personal favorite tradition.

Time and effort

One has to put in a lot of sweat and hard work into mastering those thumkas and bhangraas! No wedding planner will do this on your behalf. It greatly depends on your natural talent. Some people are quick learners whereas some take longer to master the skill. Co-ordination is the most important. It takes time but it is worth the hassle!

Budget friendly décor
Décor is an essential part of every event. When it comes to mehndi, bright colors are a huge element of the décor. Social media can help you in looking for budget-friendly ideas. Most event planners charge more than double the amount which makes it very heavy on the pocket. However, the most important aspect is to make sure you enjoy the wedding – the couple, family, close friends, guests. The union must be celebrated. Everyone should play a part in adding to the couple’s happiness. It is, after all, the most memorable day for the couple.