How to Plan a Game Night

How to Plan a Game Night

What to do when you want to hang out with friends but there are no festivals, birthdays, or weddings coming up? Well, you don’t have to use any event to meet your friends, you can plan an amazing game night and invite your friends to catch up with a fun night after endless hours of work or study.

Planning a game night must be exhausting, so let us help you plan how to throw an amazing game night at your home!

When To Have It?

What’s best about planning a game night is that it can be planned at any time of the year. You can have it in the harsh summers or even in the coldest of winters. You can even have game nights every other week!

Having A Guest List

Event Planners in Lahore or any other city will advise you to make a guest list. This will depend on how much space you have. If you have a large space that can cater to a large group of friends, then by all means you can call them. However, having a small space would mean a smaller group of friends. Having a small or large group wouldn’t matter because what matters is that all your friends have fun and enjoy playing games.

Moreover, having a guest list will also help you remember who to call and you wouldn’t miss anyone.


You can’t forget the games on game night! You must have games that will allow everyone to play and are easy to follow. Event Organizers in Lahore or any other city will advise that have games where people can play in teams as this will help your friends participate more.

You should keep different ranges of games; from board to games such as Pictionary or Jenga. You can also ask your friends to bring the games they have if you want.

Space To Sit

Your guests must have a cozy place to sit while playing games. You should keep in mind that games, food, and drinks, as well as your friends, have to be in one place. Thus, you should arrange the space for that.

Food And Drinks

Food and drinks are essential after games. You can have pizza, chips, or popcorn on your menu as they are easier to eat while playing games. You can keep juices and cold drinks as well to go with the menu. Your friends can also make and bring food from their homes.


Although a game night is a casual event, this should not stop you from decorating the space for it. You can use scented candles, fairy lights, cushions or throw blankets to cozy up the space more.


Not necessary, but do consider having some light music playing in the background when you are playing games as it will help your friends enjoy more while they wait for their turn.