How to plan a wedding?

How to plan a wedding?

Wedding is a major event and in our desi culture there is a lot that needs to be done. From event organizers, to décor, to clothes, salon. The list is never ending. Shaadi season which is typically from October-January can get very busy. Most event management companies are either too expensive or are booked or they don’t provide the best service. We have got you all covered! Here are some ideas to help you make your own to-do list.

  1. Venue

Where will the wedding be? A perfect location for your big day is every couples dream. What every couple wants and pictures when they begin to plan the wedding. A location that guests can access easily, the one that can give you the perfect look for your wedding, the one that is safe and secure and will be a base for the perfect wedding that you always wanted.

  1. Décor

After finalizing the place, we all need to look for a theme that will set the whole vibe of your event. Mehndi, barat, walima, nikkah, shendi, dholki and a shalima. No matter how many events you have got on the list, décor is one of the most crucial part when it comes to event planning. Meet your event organisers multiple time to ensure that you two are on the same page. Mehndi has more of a vibrant vibe and a more colorful décor, barat has more of a red or more of a grand décor, whereas the walima or the reception has more of a subtle and lighter color scheme. This needs to be discussed, planned, envisioned and then executed all with the help of a wedding planner because who would want to go through the hassle amidst other gazillion tasks that need to be taken care of.

  1. Choreographer

No desi wedding is complete without halla gulla. The raunaq, the naaj gaana, or as lahoris call it ‘shughal’ is what makes our wedding so much fun. This is something that typically wedding planners don’t contribute to. Deciding appropriate songs for either side: be it the brides side or the grooms side, coming up with dance steps that everyone can perform easily, thinking about co-ordination, placing each participant on every dance. This is all what a choreographer ensures. So, to make sure that your friends and family rock the dance floor because no event management can do that for you. You need to hire a choreographer who knows how to manage it in the given time frame.

  1. DJ

Dances and the raunaq mela has no life to it without music. From coordinating the brides entrance and the grooms entrance, to playing every song as planned by the choreographer. DJ will coordinate this for you on your big day.

Now comes the most important part of the wedding, the one that takes the most time and effort:

    1. Clothes

    Every girl always has an idea as to what she wants to say on the day she says ‘qabool hai’. The choli, the lehnga, the dupattay ka kaam, the sherwani or that waistcoat all needs to be sorted much earlier tha the wedding. However, finding the dress that fits your requirement is a hassle. According to your budget, finalize an option. You want to make sure to get a designer on board before everyone is booked.

    1. Salon

    Makeup, jewelry setting and dupatta setting will comprise your final look of your wedding day. You really want your makeup to be on point and that highlighter to pop on the wedding day. You want a foundation that gives you a flawless skin, a mascara that gives your lashes the best length and volume, the lipstick to go with your jora. The lehnga has to compliment the makeup and for that you need a makeup artist who understands that.

    1. Photographer

    We definitely want to capture this special moment of our lives, something we can remincise forever, cherish as the best days or the most special days. A photoshoot with your better half before every event to reflect on it later. A good photographer is a must on every wedding. So to all the bride to bes and groom to bes make sure to get yout hands on of the finest photographers in town.

    1. Catering

    Anushka Sharma played the role of a wedding planner in band baja barat. Food makes a huge part of event planning. One of the dialogues was ‘shadi mein log décor, lighting sab bhool jaatey hain lekin khana sab ko yaad rehta hai’ and we couldn’t agree more. We are a nation of foodies. Mutton or chicken. Biryani or pulaao. Kulfi or kheer. Soup or prawns. Decide on this a couple of weeks before so that the guests can have a good time as well.

    Here is how you can plan you wedding in three months. We wish you the best of luck with the preparations and with everything that comes with this union. Don’t panic and enjoy this special time with your family and your significant other.