How to Plan an Intimate Spring Luncheon at Home

How to Plan an Intimate Spring Luncheon at Home

Spring is a season every individual loves to plan lunches for. However, the times of COVID may have ruined your plans to go out. But do not worry for the plans are not yet buried. There is always an option to plan one right in your home, that too, may end up better and more intimate than the one outside. Since it involves a lot of creativity, these ideas, whether it is rainy or sunny, will definitely help you.


Spring calls for lush green outdoor venues and what is better than your own garden! However, to make it look more intimate, have tables and chairs with white and off-white themes along with pink blooms set on the table. It would give your luncheon a refreshing warm ambiance. However, remember to have the sitting area well-spaced out along with comfortable sittings such as sofas or well comforted chairs. Surely, none of us wants our guests troubled!

Food placements:

While it may look like a hassle, it really eases down things and makes the process smoother. With a luncheon at home, whether it is indoor or outdoor, guests love it if they get served food. You can have custom plates made which include different food variations and get it served to them. Your house helps or the event management company can serve these plates and also ask at time intervals, what the guests may require. If this does not sit well with you, you can also have multiple dishes placed on each corner of the area where guests are seated. However, it may cause a lot of rush.


A lot of event management companies in Lahore serve cocktails before lunch. Why? It provides the guests with a warm caring vibe as these cocktails, whatever their flavor, provide a very refreshing intake and guests love to be cared for! With flavors, most sought for are the fruit infused ones. Besides, they help your guests with the heat too in case it is a sunny hot day.


A very fun idea for making your luncheon closer to the hearts of your guests can be having an impressionist painting imitated by them. While this requires planning, it is a memory that will always be closer to their hearts. How to go about it? Before the lunch starts or as you may see fit, have a photographer take a picture after you have set everyone in their places as per the painting. If you are confused, find a painting that resonates the most with the ambiance of your luncheon. The picture will always remain in your guests hearts.

Invitation cards:

Custom invitation cards are really adored by guests. If you can make an effort, write handwritten invitation notes on custom designed cards. These notes can be specific to your relationship with the guest or words that resonate best with what might emotionally touch them the most. Have these cards wrapped in color coordinated ribbons that give a warm vibe. You can also have your invitation notes printed on these cards. 

These ideas may very well allow you to plan the luncheon. However, since food matters a lot, be very specific of your choice of catering services in Lahore. They may be a deal breaker regarding the experience of your guests.