Ideas for Corporate Giveaways

Ideas for Corporate Giveaways

Corporate giveaways have been known to boost not only a company’s sales but also its reputation. Many brands hire different event management companies for giveaways. They can be given by a company to their employees, potential customers, at marketing events, charities, or anywhere the company may see a to-be customer and a happy employee. Do they work? Definitely yes! A major number of surveys recommend having corporate giveaways in order to enhance customer base and employee motivation as the majority of customers end up buying your product after they were given a premium gift. However, worry not if you are confused about what kind of ideas you may use for a giveaway gift because here are some, you definitely need to try!

The Stationery combo:

One of the most common giveaway ideas is usually a stationery set and almost every company does it. The best part is that it works! So, if you just recruited someone in your company, are listed at a career fair, or want to make your current employee's motivation go up, this is your best bet. Employees love getting a diary, multiple pens, notebooks, and sticky notes with company logos on them as these items can genuinely benefit them in their work. New recruits and students at a career fair deciding of what company to choose from want to be welcomed and they really appreciate these items too.

The Desk:

Another very popular corporate giveaway idea is a worktable organizer. These may range in pen holders, laptop accessories, glass holders, calendars, custom company bottles, or even cute small plastic figures that represent the company. They not only tell your employee how much you care about them but also make them appreciate your company’s efforts. Classic wooden pen holders, creative laptop accessories or stationery holders surely would make them love you!

Custom cards:

Times are tough but you got to make them trust! In times of COVID, nothing is better than receiving a personalized card with a company product right at your doorstep. It not only creates exceptional excitement for the customer but also establishes a relationship between your company and the customer enabling them to trust. If everything goes great, they are more likely to buy your product, next they make a purchase decision. However, be sure to write something impactful along with great creativity in design as customers notice the effort you make for them.

In-store giveaways:

With big promotion campaigns or in-store promotions, your company may also choose from several gadgets to gift customers from. This is more like, deciding a few lucky people who get a chance to win a laptop, TV, a phone or even some very valued wireless earbuds. You may also choose to gift your products as part of a promotional campaign in a store like many brands do so with stalls set up. Whichever option you choose for in-store giveaways, creativity is the success factor here!

Coffee mugs:

This one is one of our personal favorites! Creative funny or wisdom-filled quotes along with your company’s logo are just too good for any coffee mug giveaway You may choose to give it to your own employees, customers through in-store contest prize promotions or even as a delivered gift in an effort to appreciate your customers. In any case, the other side will be very pleased.

Not to forget, these are only some of the very popular and proven impactful ideas. You may well use your creativity around these ideas or ideas of your own to achieve goals. Anything works if it is centered around the individuals you want to impact.