Intimate Summer Wedding at Home

Intimate Summer Wedding at Home

What is the worst-case scenario you can imagine on your wedding day? Bad weather that ruins your outdoor wedding, getting sick on your wedding morning, or perhaps finding out that your wedding dress doesn't fit you - there is no scarcity of nightmares that could strike you on the day of your wedding! At least these scenarios are the ones we can predict and prepare for. Something struck us that we wouldn’t have imagined in a billion years. Just like covid-19, usually, it takes months of planning and meeting new wedding planners every day to come up with a perfect wedding according to your demand. But Covid ruined all of that for us! Even though the vaccine has brought hope for us, it will take longer for things to get back to normal in Pakistan. Guess it leaves you with no choice but to settle for a house wedding. Oh, what a Buzzkill!

But having a home wedding does not mean you settle for less. You can have an intimate wedding at your home with all that luxury and services you get at a big ceremony. All you need to do is find good wedding planners and understand what it takes to have an unforgettable intimate summer wedding at home.

How To Plan Your Wedding At Home

Mostly what people forget while having a wedding in summer is the hot and icky weather. Humidity, sweat, mosquitoes, and keeping the social distancing guidelines in mind give you a headache? Well, understandable, planning a wedding at home is hard. But don’t worry, we have highlighted all the steps you have to take to plan a perfect wedding.

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Guest List

Yes, we understand it is hard to plan a small guest list without hurting anyone’s feelings, but you must strategically plan your guest list to have an intimate wedding. Call the ones who actually matter. Don’t listen to your parents who insist on calling the uncles and aunties you have never even met.

Decide On A Good Menu

Wedding menus don’t necessarily have to be Biryani or Qorma, the traditional wedding menu of us Pakistanis. It’s a small wedding now; you have a choice of getting creative with your menu without worrying about the cost. It’s only your loved ones now; decide what you want without worrying about the mean uncles.

Plan an Impactful Decor

Just because it is a small wedding doesn’t mean you don’t focus on decor. Remember that an impactful set is what makes your wedding beautiful and memorable. So think about the color palate and what floral decor you want. Decide where you want your stage to be and how you want to decor it. Hire yourself a good wedding planner who can help you with the decor.

Focus On Details

Pay attention to the little details. These small details are what make your wedding unique. It’s a small wedding; you have a choice of getting creative with the table arrangements and bringing out your beautiful china cutlery. Personalize your wedding according to your style and make the best out of the situation.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Planning a wedding at home is hard but finding a good wedding planner in Lahore?..even harder. A good wedding planner care about your big day, they know exactly how to make your day memorable. This means that you do not have to compromise in either aesthetics or the food. Covid might have ruined your wedding for you, but don’t make it a killjoy. Instead, use it as an excuse to plan an intimate wedding. Think about it, a luxurious wedding with just the people you actually care about.