Outdoor Wedding Decor

Outdoor Wedding Decor

COVID-19 has ruined your plans of an indoor wedding? Well, you do not need to worry. Outdoor weddings have been a reality for the longest time and have since evolved into ones with better Wedding decor compared to indoor weddings. If you ask us, we would definitely take the side of outdoor weddings, for they are where the real creativity comes into action. Let’s go through some ideas for decor in order to make it even better.

Chandeliers and Wreaths

You would have heard that “hey you cannot hang chandeliers when outdoors”. We ask you, why cannot you?  There is always a structure that acts as a ceiling in outdoor weddings. Use that structure to hang a chandelier. Just make sure that the chandelier does not get too heavy in proportion to the temporary ceiling. Besides, a chandelier will give such an elegant look to your wedding, you would love it! Do not forget to color coordinate the chandelier with the theme. Wreaths will also look delicate hanging with chandeliers!

White Tents And Checkerboard Dance Floor

Outdoors weddings are incomplete without a tent ceiling. Have a light cloth cover of the tent with its color as white. It will not only give a very elegant look to your decor but also give you better combinations of golden and silver in tables and chairs that can easily be matched. Our chandeliers and wreaths idea will also greatly benefit you as you will have a tent ceiling. However, it does not end here. Give your tent a greater combination with a black and white checkerboard dance floor as dancing on the grass may be difficult!

Oversized Floral Arrangements And Welcome Signs

Large flowers placed on an altar at the entry may be one of the best things you would choose to do at your wedding. They not only brighten up anyone’s mood who enters but also act as a sign of welcome. Place with these floral arrangements, some more floral welcome signs on a wood sign. You can choose to make it fancy or give an elegant look to it depending on the flowers and their arrangement. Guests will feel very welcome!

Chalkboard Signage And Swings

Since everyone loves chalkboards, why not have them near the entrance and have a welcome sign on them. Along with a welcome sign, you can also write seating arrangements, table numbers and even food menus. What really matters here is how much of a vintage look they will give, your guests will love that. Since pushing everyone to their childhood is the topic here, why not have swings attached by the trees too. If there are kids, they will love to play alongside the wedding. If not that, you can get really cool pictures on the swings!

These are just some of the ideas which can really brighten up your outdoor wedding and potentially make it better than an indoor one. However, there are several other creative ways to really make the wedding a successful event. Just follow these and the rest of the ideas will fall into line for your very elegant and attractive outdoor wedding.