Summer Weddings- Myths VS Reality

Summer Weddings- Myths VS Reality

For all the summer lovers out there, there is nothing more desirable than a summer wedding. From the lovely warm weather and the beautiful coral sunsets, we cannot think of many reasons not to host your wedding outdoors, under the sky. However, along with the many bounties that this season has to offer, it also entails a list of precautions that must be taken. You need to be mindful of not just heat, but bugs and insects too, and ensure that your guests are well protected. Today we bust all the myths and draw on the realities of arranging a summer wedding.

Myth: You can pull of a summer wedding without additional arrangements

Reality: You need to provide heat relief

Given the fact that Lahore can be ruthless at times with the heat levels, your guests will surely appreciate a few ways to escape the heat. Even if you are planning a completely open-air event, do 

make sure an outdoor venue offers some form of shade or air-conditioning. For instance, you can ask for smaller tents to be set up at the sides. Moreover, make sure that iced water and cool refreshments are available in ample quantities throughout the ceremony site. Let us also not forget all the hardworking vendors that put in so much effort to make sure your event is organized seamlessly. Remember to set up an area where they can grab cold refreshments as well.

Myth: It’s okay to start the wedding at any time

Reality: Midday is the best time to start!

The summer sun is strongest at midday and you definitely don’t want you to bake your guests in the heat. We recommend going for early evening as the time to begin the wedding. Ideally, the event should begin slightly before sunset. This will also ensure that you get the perfect golden hour for your wedding photoshoot. 

Myth: The more the merrier 

Reality: Try keeping the menu light

Heat and heavy food? Not a great combination. Instead, you would want to have a menu that includes grilled entrées and lighter options than traditional, heavy dishes. Fruit skewers could be a refreshing appetizer whereas fruit pies and fruit tarts can be considered as light, tempting desserts. Frozen cocktails with seasonal fruits are a big yes and even ice pops can be served to add the right summery touch to your menu. 

Myth: You can really wear whatever you want

Reality: You need to wear a breathable dress

Looking great is perhaps one of the most important parts of your big day. But remember that you look great when you feel great. You would want to feel comfortable and confident, not sweaty, and sticky. Brides should go for a wedding dress made of breathable fabrics even if they feature heavy embellishments. As for grooms, they should opt for fair-toned suits such as light gray, to look dapper and graceful. 

Myth: Being close to nature means 0 trouble

Reality: Mind the UV rays and the bugs

Some of us have been born and raised in Lahore, used to protecting ourselves from the sun. However, even if you haven’t been particular about protecting yourself from the sun till now, this day you must, because sunburn can give the term "blushing bride" a whole new meaning. Make sure to cover yourself well with sunscreen before getting dressed. Additionally, please mind the bugs! Guests pestered by the bugs would be in no mood to party. To prevent bug bites from being a mood killer, we suggest getting the location sprayed for bugs before all your wedding events. 

We know that planning a summer wedding can seem daunting at first glance, given the soaring temperatures during the day. However, if the necessary arrangements to beat the heat are made, you can enjoy a beautiful summer wedding without being bothered by the heat. To help you put together a wedding that is not only perceivably beautiful but also comfortably enjoyable, we have a highly competent team of event planners. Trust them to take care of all the details so that you can make the most out of your big day. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.