Sweet Alternatives To Meethai For Mehendi And Mayoun Ceremony

Sweet Alternatives To Meethai For Mehendi And Mayoun Ceremony

The meethai available at desi weddings is often too heavy or sweet, and although considered a wedding staple, not everyone enjoys it.

The traditional sweets that we have at our local Mehendis and Mayouns are getting a little outdated, and there are some fantastic alternatives that your guests will enjoy just as much. If you are planning your wedding event, you can find the best wedding planners in Lahore that will help you offer the best meethai alternatives to your guests.

All the top wedding planners in Pakistan know that these days people don’t want to eat the lavish traditional meethai. It can be because of health reasons, their diet, or simply refusing to consume that many calories.

The Meethai At Mehendis And Mayouns

The sweets we see at wedding events like Mehendi and Mayoun are traditional and desi. People don’t want to try new sweets at these events as they might not go along with the classic feel of the ceremony.

The most common meethai at Mehendis and Mayouns is Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Laddoo, Halwa, Kheer, Kulfi, Jalebi, etc. There are usually traditions and customs at these desi weddings that require us to feed the happy couple some sweets, and people use meethai for this purpose.

However, there are various alternatives to meethai that can give your wedding a more modern feel and serve the purpose of traditional sweets. Let’s have a look at what some of these sweets are.

Meethai Alternatives For Weddings


Cookies can be an excellent alternative to meethai at desi weddings. Having various types of cookies can please more people, and you can even have sugar-free options for people who are conscious of what they eat. Cookies are easy to grab and eat, just like meethai.

Cake Pops

Cake pops are another fantastic alternative for meethai at weddings. Just like cookies, they are easy to eat on the go and don’t create any mess. People of all ages enjoy cake, and you can have numerous flavors of cake pops available at the event.


Macarons are fun, colorful, and full of flavor. Just like traditional meethai, they can add to the aesthetic of your event, and you can choose the colors that will go well with your decor. You have a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and you can select the ones that you think your guests will enjoy the most.


Although doughnuts are not on the healthier side compared to meethai, they are still a delicious alternative. You can get customized doughnuts that go along with the theme of your event, and they are bound to leave the guests mesmerized.


It might sound boring, but you can have fruits at your wedding as an alternative to meethai. These days, people are a lot more health-conscious, and they want to avoid artificial flavors and sugar. By offering fruits at your wedding, you can provide your guests with a healthier alternative that is equally delicious.

Desi weddings and meethai go hand in hand. It is part of our traditions and culture to have these sweets available at wedding ceremonies as they reflect the sweet wishes everyone has for the couple on their big day. However, people, these days want to try something new and find alternatives for meethai at their wedding.