The Summer Bride Guide

The Summer Bride Guide

Every year summer rolls around and brings with it the glamour and excitement of the wedding season. It is one of the most anticipated seasons for many people, and the anticipation is through the roof if you are the bride! People tend to enjoy summer weddings the most. Long days and beautiful sunsets when you’re dressed in your best, who wouldn’t look forward to it?

But what people don’t realize is that being a bride, especially in the summer, is no easy feat. From getting the best dress for your big day to getting the most amazing wedding planners, a bride is involved and invested every step of the way. All brides want to look their best on their wedding day, and nothing looks better than a happy and comfortable bride. To make your special day even more joyful, we have come up with the perfect summer bride guide to help you choose your perfect look.

Here are the tips you need to be the ideal summer bride, so scroll through and thank us later!

Keep It Light

Heavy shirts and lehengas are a major miss for summer weddings. Not only has fashion evolved into a more minimalistic style, but it is also best for summer brides to avoid heavy dresses. Choose lightweight fabrics with minimal embellishments and embroideries. Make sure your wedding dress is breezy and fun. A light dress will allow you to move around freely and have fun during the function. After all, it is your day!

Choose an Updo

Opting to tie your hair up on your big day is a wise decision. Beat the heat this summer with a chic bun or a messy one, whatever you prefer. Having your hair open on any typical summer day can be a hassle, but it might become unmanageable when you are already in heavy makeup and clothes for your wedding. A beautiful ponytail or braid can also enhance your look. You don’t have to have your hair open for you to look pretty.

Keep Your Makeup Light and Waterproof

Less is more, ladies! Especially when it comes to makeup in the summer. The summer heat in Pakistan can become unbearable as it is. Add on the extra lights on you at your wedding, and your makeup is bound to melt away. It is better to choose waterproof makeup to avoid having your makeup melting in the heat. Summer brides should steer clear of any heavy makeup looks. Choose a more natural-looking makeup style for your special day. Minimal makeup on brides looks sophisticated and elegant, and everyone can pull them off.

Go For Minimal Jewelry

Choosing a beautiful statement piece instead of layers and layers of heavy jewelry can add a touch of class to your outfit. As beautiful as traditional heavy jewelry looks, it can be too much for a summer wedding look. Wearing minimal jewelry pieces that stand out can be just as beautiful and bring the whole look together. You don’t need to carry around so much weight on you the entire day.

Have Fun!

Don’t forget the essential part of your wedding. Have fun and enjoy it to the max! Wear what makes you feel beautiful and is comfortable for you. Feeling relaxed and happy should be your number one priority.