Throwing the Best Qawwali Night of the Season

Throwing the Best Qawwali Night of the Season

The fall is here, and so it’s the excitement for a spiritual Qawwali night. As event planners in Lahore, we understand that Qawwali is something millennials and generations can relate to and enjoy together.

Even so, now millennials are more eager to get a Qawwali night invitation, especially in universities, colleges, and wedding events, since the night becomes grooving with friends.

In this sense, if you are also planning to throw a memorable Qawwali night of the season, we are here to help you with ideas.

So let’s start with the prep!

Choose Your Favorable Venue

As Qawwali night is ideally enjoyable in an open environment, o choosing the right location to put together the setup of your Qawwali is the initial step. This would be on you to select where you want your family and friends to gather and groove. However, the options could be:

  • Farmhouse
  • Beach
  • University
  • Banquets
  • The backyard of your house
  • On the roof-top
  • Floor Seating Arrangements

Qawwali is the night to be spiritual and enjoy yourself without needing to be formal. That’s why the usual Qawwali setup is done by making the seating arrangements on the floor. There are various floor seating ideas available now that you can look out to put in the prep list. For example:

  • Oversized cushions on the floor with appealing carpets.
  • Turkish-themed floor seating.
  • Wooden floor table.

To make the Qawwali night more comfortable for your guests the floor seating arrangement should be made according to your guest lists and the number of guests to make the Qawwali night more comfortable for your guests.


As the Qawwali is a night event, the lighting arrangements need to be over-the-top for it. That’s why there are various types of lighting that we could include in your setup. For example:

  • LED uplights
  • Wall washer
  • Par light
  • Moving lights
  • LED string lights
  • Pin-spot lighting
  • Balloon lighting

These lighting choices will create an exceptional setup for you.

Stage Setup

One of the necessary arrangements for a Qawwali night is designing and planning a stage where your appointed Qawwal can perform with his team. This part should be finalized after speaking with the performers since they will guide you better on what they will need at the time of performance. However, we can help you with the things you will need:

  • A sound system
  • Floor set up on stage
  • Instrumental set up on the stage floor
  • The screen on the background 
  • Wall washer lights
  • Electric party poppers
  • Microphone set up on the floor

Catering Service

After all, it is not all about grooving on Qawwali. Your guest will lookout for food soon after getting tired of all the excitement. That’s why there are various options of food you can choose to keep on your menu. Moreover, the mocktail and snacks bar will keep your guests munching until the main course opens up.