Trends in Corporate Events

Trends in Corporate Events

Corporate events have been the thing of the century since the world of capitalism came into being. In the US, the corporate event market size was $211.57 billion in 2019. Crazy right? Well, the world of perception, brand image and networking needs a market to work around and so here it is. However, with so many corporate events happening, there have been many trends that have changed the way things are. Thus, to help you navigate through them, here are some of the very important ones.

Virtual activities

If you are not having virtual activities or an event around it, what are you even doing! Getting virtual games and activities has been one of the biggest trends of this COVID-19 era. If you have a store, one of the examples is a game that includes a virtual tour of the store in order for your consumers to be able to do non-tangible check-ins during the event. It gives them an idea of how things work and allows them to feel included. Besides, even a game like Pokémon Go can be placed on the event site and they can earn points for discounts through that.

Live Streaming

One of the most common ones has been live streaming your event on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Some may believe that this may not work but trust us, nothing is bad promotion. Besides, when promoting your event on social media, be very sure to have a nice videographer and proper décor which suits camera aesthetics. This is a very important rule to live streaming your event if you want to effectively reach out to customers not present in person. Connect mics to the streaming too. Only this will make it audible!

Promotion and Marketing

Promotion and Marketing can be made more effective if you give your customers personalized services at the event. A way to do that is to place beacons near the entrance that can guide and respond to your customer's interests or concerns. Besides, you can also ask them to fill a survey in return for a VIP invite for a sub-session in the event or even discounts on your products. This will get you information about what your customers require or prefer giving you the opportunity to market to them in a certain manner. Thereby, also guiding your research and development. Other than this, do not forget the on-event standees!


Registrations, today, are an integral part of any corporate event. Since setting up registration desks is quite old as a trend, the newer ones include being all tech about it. For your event, you can have the software set up at the entrance which gives your customers multiple options and information as to what they may require in terms of their history while registering.

Informal Sessions

Unconventional right? Well, customers love when they are taken care of emotionally. To make your customers very comfortable while attending your event, you can have a special cozy room for guests in your event venue where can rest for some minutes without any people or WIFI around. They will love your mindfulness!

We know some of these may come as unconventional but trust us, these new and old trends are what really sets a corporate event apart.