Types of Brides in Pakistan

Types of Brides in Pakistan

Brides in Pakistan typically experience more mental and physical exertion than grooms in Pakistan. There is a simple reason for this. Women move out form their houses where they have spent a significant chunk of their lives. This takes a lot of mental effort and has its drawbacks. Hence, during the wedding season in Pakistan we see different kinds of brides:

The bridezilla dulhan

This type of bride wants everything to be perfect. These brides will frown and cry at the slightest inconvenience. It is very hard to satisfy them with the wedding preparations. These brides visit their photographer multiple times to discuss their photoshoot, visit their makeup artist multiple artist to discuss their final look and ask a gazillion questions every single time, call their wedding planner or event organizer up to make sure everything falls into place. They really want to take charge of their wedding but they end up panicking more with every passing day. Last minute changes and alterations are their thing. This behavior is a pain for the bride themselves and for those around them.

The chill dulhan

This type of dulhan is the complete opposite. They have left it all on those around them. All preparations are a responsibility of a few trusted people around them. Once assigned a task to their wedding planner and/or event organizer, they will trust them and let them do their tasks at their own pace. The chill attitude can either work for them or not but we hope that it works out for them.

The bride with a budget

For this type of bride, cost is the most important factor. If the price is under control the bride will like it too. Any expensive wedding planner and event organizers will not be hired. The internet is her wedding planner and pnterest is her best friend. She will cut out any extra expense but will want a wedding like a queen.

The anti-wedding bride

This type of dulhan will probably be getting married because of the societal pressure or for any external reason. She will refuse to have a traditional wedding and will question pretty much everything.

The karan johar movie bride
She will have her wedding planned since she was four or five years old. She wants to find her Raj for as long as she can remember. She will have an extravagant wedding ceremony just like she is Yash Raichand’s daughter from kabhi Khushi kabhi gham.