Some of your Questions:

Q. How to login?

You can login from the homepage by clicking the icon on the top right and then selecting “login”. Additionally, you can also login by scrolling down our landing page and clicking the button next to the option of “View Our Vendors”. Alternatively, you can browse through vendors and upon clicking the option of favoriting a vendor, you will be automatically redirected to login on the portal.

The Eventscape

The Eventscape

Q. Why to login?

The Eventscape has replaced your traditional event planner with a virtual platform, where you can plan your event, contact vendors and manage communications all in one tab. The event planning process has been categorically mapped into 3 steps- Plan, Manage and Discover. Within these, there are multiple features that simplify the event planning experience for you- including the Check List, Budget and Guest List. In order to avail all these features, the user must create an account and log in.

Q. How can I contact vendors?

You can contact vendors by pressing the “Send Inquiry” button.

Q. What happens when I click on “Hire Vendor”?

Clicking on “Hire Vendor” simply enlists the vendor within your hired vendors for a particular event. In case you wish to contact the vendor, please click on “Send Inquiry”.

Q. Can Eventscape plan my event for me?

Eventscape can plan your event end-to-end for you. If you wish to get your event managed by us, please choose the option Plan With Us.

Q. Is Eventscape going to charge me for this portal?

The portal is free for all users! You will not be charged at any point for using the features available on the portal.

Q. How to sign-up as a vendor on Eventscape?

If you are a vendor, you can sign-up by clicking on the Vendor Signup tab on our homepage.